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Hairy Circuit Layout Issues

By dragoncoder047

I’m starting to finalize the circuit boards needed for my Roboraptor upgrade. I am doing everything with THT components, which take up a lot of space, but I can solder by hand easily. Unfortunately, this means everything takes up a lot of space.

The top board, which will go …

Systems Tested

By dragoncoder047

Over winter break I was able to get some more progress done building circuits to get closer to an upgrade of my old, broken Roboraptor. There are a zillion different components to this project, and I wanted to test each separately to make sure they work before I make a …

Two Down, A Zillion More To Go

By dragoncoder047

I have finally written code that actually compiled and ran on the little ESP32 board I bought, and I hate the blasted thing already.

For starters, the process is slow, annoying, and tedious:

  1. I click UPLOAD, and the Arduino IDE begins compiling by … dumping preferences.
  2. It then has to shuffle …

Shifting Gears

By dragoncoder047

Aaah, that’s been a nice break from coding. Four weeks with no commits pushed to Phoo. It’s a shame I left it in a broken state. I haven’t the slightest idea why it’s broken — but then again, all the other times Phoo broke, I never knew …