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Schemascii ± 0

By dragoncoder047

I have been working really hard this week on Schemascii. Like, maybe too much. But, I finally got Schemascii to the point that I could (if I wanted) upload it to PyPI and it would be a valid package.

Schemascii is also able to be called as a command-line program …

Schemascii ± 1

By dragoncoder047

I spent the last two days fooling around with my half-idea of a diagramming program, Schemascii. What it’s supposed to do is be able to make a diagram of a circuit (like the ones you might make in Eagle or KiCad before you plan a circuit board) out of …


By dragoncoder047

Congratulations, you have reached the end of this series.

I finally found a programming language that I can use on my Arduino: LIL, written by Kostas Michalopoulos. It’s a lot like Tcl (but not quite), and it has a simple to use C API so I can add custom …

Debugger, Almost

By dragoncoder047

Today I started work on the Phoo debugger. As-is, it is very simple – I already programmed in a “tick” function into Phoo that gets called every item, and so my debugger only needs to patch itself into this function.

However, the three buttons – “Into”, “Over”, and “Out” – caused me some …

I Still Have No Idea

By dragoncoder047

I was working yesterday on trying to root out the bug in Phoo’s online shell; but I never found it.

Currently Phoo works-ish; except that in the online shell, the error behavior is backwards:

  • Case A: When you give a bad input (that would crash), it prints no error …


By dragoncoder047

Today I did a little more work on my programming language TEHSSL. And in testing it, I discovered some anomalies.

The first one is that – because of a typo on my part – testing TEHSSL will occasionally segfault when it tries to print the type of the “next” object after freeing …


By dragoncoder047

I started writing a new programming language, TEHSSL, a few days ago. Starting from scratch (again!) wasn’t easy, and I’m nowhere near done yet. I have got two things working so far: the garbage collector, and the tokenizer. I have no idea how to handle the glue in …

Some Unrelated Ideas

By dragoncoder047

Immediately after I wrote the last post I stumbled upon the Cognate programming language. It is sort of a weird cross between Forth, Lisp, and Tcl, all at once, and I strangely like it. Currently Cognate is only implemented by a Cognate-to-C transpiler, so I won’t be able to …

Scratching My Head Again

By dragoncoder047

Again I find myself scratching my head over a simple scripting language. Yisp got way too complicated; tinyTcl leaked memory; and MicroPython can’t be extended with custom functions. All I want to do is have a scripting engine for my ESP32 that can run scripts off an SD card …


By dragoncoder047

C headers are annoying. I was getting fed up with uLisp/Yisp and so I decided to run another Google search for “embeddable scripting language for Arduino”.

It turned up mruby-arduino – poorly documented, and a little too big for my needs.

It turned up eLua – which unfortunately is just a …

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