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(Almost) No Javascript!

By dragoncoder047

I did a total redesign of my Langton’s Ant simulator last week – and most of the formatting I was able to do with pure CSS - no Javascript needed for layout control.

Previously I had a rather crude layout consisting of a fixed-size canvas and a textbox below it. The …

Change of Plans

By dragoncoder047

After several days trying to debug the horribly bug-ridden local-echo package for xterm.js, I have had enough. It’s Ioannis’ responsibility to debug his package. I am switching over to another Javascript terminal ptogram I found, jquery.terminal by Jakub T. Jankiewicz. It has built-in readline support, and well …

Terminal Troubles

By dragoncoder047

I have finally gotten to the point in Phoo’s development that I am ready to set up the web interface.

I chose xterm.js for the terminal interface because I intend for Phoo to be able to be run in Nodejs as well as in the browser, but I …