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Debugger, Almost

By dragoncoder047

Today I started work on the Phoo debugger. As-is, it is very simple – I already programmed in a “tick” function into Phoo that gets called every item, and so my debugger only needs to patch itself into this function.

However, the three buttons – “Into”, “Over”, and “Out” – caused me some …

I Still Have No Idea

By dragoncoder047

I was working yesterday on trying to root out the bug in Phoo’s online shell; but I never found it.

Currently Phoo works-ish; except that in the online shell, the error behavior is backwards:

  • Case A: When you give a bad input (that would crash), it prints no error …

Gah... I broke it!

By dragoncoder047

Last time I had just announced that Phoo was finished. Well, it’s still finished — except for the fact that the online console no longer works. I tried porting the shell code to Phoo, but that ended up breaking the shell!

It was pretty much a line-for-line translation, so I …

Phoo is (mostly) finished

By dragoncoder047

…Gosh, I just realized that I haven’t posted anything in weeks. I really don’t want to fall prey to the obsession of posting everything online. I hope I’m not.

Anyway, I just finished up the first draft of the documentation of Phoo. The generator script is Python …

Change of Plans

By dragoncoder047

After several days trying to debug the horribly bug-ridden local-echo package for xterm.js, I have had enough. It’s Ioannis’ responsibility to debug his package. I am switching over to another Javascript terminal ptogram I found, jquery.terminal by Jakub T. Jankiewicz. It has built-in readline support, and well …

Terminal Troubles

By dragoncoder047

I have finally gotten to the point in Phoo’s development that I am ready to set up the web interface.

I chose xterm.js for the terminal interface because I intend for Phoo to be able to be run in Nodejs as well as in the browser, but I …

How I came up with Phoo

By dragoncoder047

Several moths ago I stumbled upon Gordon Charlton’s Quackery language while paroosing Github for something. Usually I don’t pay much attention to obviously irrelevant search results, but this one seemed worth a look. I found Quackery to be a simple stack-based semi-compiled language that makes infrequent use of …