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Schemascii ± 0

By dragoncoder047

I have been working really hard this week on Schemascii. Like, maybe too much. But, I finally got Schemascii to the point that I could (if I wanted) upload it to PyPI and it would be a valid package.

Schemascii is also able to be called as a command-line program …

Schemascii ± 1

By dragoncoder047

I spent the last two days fooling around with my half-idea of a diagramming program, Schemascii. What it’s supposed to do is be able to make a diagram of a circuit (like the ones you might make in Eagle or KiCad before you plan a circuit board) out of …

Pyodide Issues

By dragoncoder047

I am currently working on an online console for Quackery that is using the Pyodide in-browser Python interpreter. The only bad thing is, Python’s input() function blocks until input is provided, which can’t be done in the browser because everything is asynchronous. The only way for it to …

Why I Prefer Python

By dragoncoder047

In developing Phoo today I was unpleasantly presented with yet another reason why I prefer Python. It was when I was working on the new Importer API for loading external modules into Phoo that I accidentally did this:

class Importer { /* stub class */ }
class FetchImporter extends Importer {
    constructor(basePath, fetchOptions = {}) {
        /* no …

Airdrop for non-Apple users

By dragoncoder047

It has come up often where I have a file on my parent’s Mac that I need to send to my computer. Any Apple user would probably just use Airdrop. But I use Linux!… So I created a little Python script that allows sending files between computers with the …

Updating Python

By dragoncoder047

After I bought myself my Raspberry Pi, I soon figured out that the only version of Python available on the Debian package repositories was 3.7.2, but as of when I wrote this it is already on 3.9.7. So, I was forced to compile from source.

The …