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Phoo is (mostly) finished

By dragoncoder047

…Gosh, I just realized that I haven’t posted anything in weeks. I really don’t want to fall prey to the obsession of posting everything online. I hope I’m not.

Anyway, I just finished up the first draft of the documentation of Phoo. The generator script is Python …

Pyodide Issues

By dragoncoder047

I am currently working on an online console for Quackery that is using the Pyodide in-browser Python interpreter. The only bad thing is, Python’s input() function blocks until input is provided, which can’t be done in the browser because everything is asynchronous. The only way for it to …


By dragoncoder047

Several years ago I discovered the wonderful world of cellular automata.

After some Googling I discovered a cellular automata called Wireworld that is designed to simulate electronic circuits. Each of its square cells can be in one of four states, “empty” (which always stays empty, and is shown here in …

First Pull Request

By dragoncoder047

Today I managed to submit my first ever Github pull request. In develpoing Phoo I made some changes to the meta-words from its predecessor Quackery, and they seemed backportable to Quackery. So I forked Quackery and submitted a pull request with those changes.

In the name of trying to bootstrap …

New Site!

By dragoncoder047

A few months ago I stumbled upon two old 1990s-era Armdroid 1000s in the back of my engineering teacher’s storage closet. Naturally, being someone interested in robotics, I wanted to see if I could get them to operate.

Unfortunately, I didn’t know diddlysquat about how they worked. So …

School Chromebooks

By dragoncoder047

I am a high school student, and so while I am at school I have to use the school-provided computers. The school district chose to give us Chromebooks. And anyone who needs to do some serious coding (like me) knows that Chromebooks are utterly useless.

Thankfully I have access to …

Why I Prefer Python

By dragoncoder047

In developing Phoo today I was unpleasantly presented with yet another reason why I prefer Python. It was when I was working on the new Importer API for loading external modules into Phoo that I accidentally did this:

class Importer { /* stub class */ }
class FetchImporter extends Importer {
    constructor(basePath, fetchOptions = {}) {
        /* no …

Change of Plans

By dragoncoder047

After several days trying to debug the horribly bug-ridden local-echo package for xterm.js, I have had enough. It’s Ioannis’ responsibility to debug his package. I am switching over to another Javascript terminal ptogram I found, jquery.terminal by Jakub T. Jankiewicz. It has built-in readline support, and well …

Airdrop for non-Apple users

By dragoncoder047

It has come up often where I have a file on my parent’s Mac that I need to send to my computer. Any Apple user would probably just use Airdrop. But I use Linux!… So I created a little Python script that allows sending files between computers with the …

Terminal Troubles

By dragoncoder047

I have finally gotten to the point in Phoo’s development that I am ready to set up the web interface.

I chose xterm.js for the terminal interface because I intend for Phoo to be able to be run in Nodejs as well as in the browser, but I …

How I came up with Phoo

By dragoncoder047

Several moths ago I stumbled upon Gordon Charlton’s Quackery language while paroosing Github for something. Usually I don’t pay much attention to obviously irrelevant search results, but this one seemed worth a look. I found Quackery to be a simple stack-based semi-compiled language that makes infrequent use of …

Test Post

By dragoncoder047

This is a test.

Updating Python

By dragoncoder047

After I bought myself my Raspberry Pi, I soon figured out that the only version of Python available on the Debian package repositories was 3.7.2, but as of when I wrote this it is already on 3.9.7. So, I was forced to compile from source.

The …

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