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By dragoncoder047
Category: c

This post is part 5 of the arduino-scripting series:

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Today I did a little more work on my programming language TEHSSL. And in testing it, I discovered some anomalies.

The first one is that – because of a typo on my part – testing TEHSSL will occasionally segfault when it tries to print the type of the “next” object after freeing the last one – there is no “next object”, so it dereferences a null pointer and crashes. I fixed that, and it appears to work. However, it worked just fine when I pasted it into, and didn’t hang or anything, so I’m not sure what’s up with that.

Valgrind reports no memory leaks from the garpage collector after I fixed things (woohoo!), so that’s good. However, in testing those bugs, I discovered another anomaly: when the tests de-allocate and free everything at the end, it prints out how many objects it freed. This count varies based on the compiler – without me changing any code at all!!

When I run make test (i.e. running it natively on my computer, using g++), the output shows 56 objects freed at the end.

When I paste it into (which uses Emscripten), it says there are 51 objects freed.

What happened to the other 5 objects? Is it something to do with Emscripten vs g++? I’m not sure. But it has no memory leaks, and that’s what I am really happy about.