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Last updated: Tue 04 October 2022

Hi, I guess.

Just so you know who you are dealing with… I am a high school student. I enjoy programming in Javascript and Python as well as building robots and other mechanical things.

I haven’t done much yet, on Github or otherwise, but I have plenty of ideas. Some of them work out, others don’t, and this site is partially the result.

Below are some of the more notable ideas I have done, along with links to their description pages. I will note here that this list may, at times, be out of date. The best place to check is my Github repositories list which includes everything and is sorted by when I last did something with it.


Yisp is going to be a Lisp-ish scripting language interpreter for microcontrollers, adapted from David Johnson-Davies’ uLisp. This serves as my self-introduction to C++ and I am going to use it in susequent microcontroller projects (most of which still “in the womb” in terms of how far they have been developed – not worthy of being listed here yet). The code is here, but it’s incomplete, and I’ve never even tried to compile it yet so it may even be syntactically incorrect. Use at your own risk.


A little scripting language I invented based on the principle that everything is a stack. I haven’t used it “in” anything yet, and the shell is kind of broken, but Phoo has loads of possibilities of what can be done because it is just a general purpose programming language. Javascript source code on Github. Phoo started as a Javascript port of another scripting language called Quackery, but took a left turn early on in development and is nothing like Quackery anymore. Phoo’s documentation is primitive, cobbled together by a little Python script, but Phoo works well and the code is impressively concise compared to vanilla Javascript.


In early 2022 I discovered two old Armdroid 1000’s and their accessories in the back of my engineering teacher’s storage closet. So I put together a site with pictures of the robots and links to other resources I found on the Web. Have a look at it here.


In late September 2022 I was fooling around with the parts of the Armdroid and wanted to make circuit diagrams. I am not trained in and major EDA software like KiCad, and none run in a Web browser at any rate, so I decided to do ASCII art drawings. The closest thing to what I wanted – Jovansonlee Cesar’s svgbob – doesn’t wuite work the way I want it to, so I decided to write my own program. Schemascii is designed specifically for circuit diagrams, and is written in Python so it can be embedded into a Python-Markdown-rendered site (which is what this site is, and what I plan to do once Schemascii is complete.)


In late June 2022 I had the idea to try and create music from Langton’s Ant and other types of two-dimensional Turing machines. The little simulator I built isn’t polished in terms of UI, but it works. I haven’t had much of a chance to play around with it. In September I redesigned it completely and the new version is here. (You can find the old June version here.)


For a while in March 2022 I was really interested in the Thue programming language and wrote a little interpreter for it (which you can find here). I tried to write a function that would determine if any given Thue-machine would halt without actually running it, and no matter what I tried, it either crashed or hung. My idea seems like it would work, I just can’t figure out how to implement it. Aside from making more demo programs, I don’t think I’ll get back to this much at all.