Armdroid 1000

Armdroid 1000

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In early 2022 I found two old Armdroid 1000’s plus some of their accessories in the back of my engineering teacher’s storage closet. Neither of them worked. So I decided I would do some research and reverse engineering and get them to work. This site collects all the notes I made and documents I found during that effort.

What is the Armdroid?

The Armdroid 1000 is a small blue robot arm produced by D&M Computing in the early 1990s. (They were based out of somewhere in the United States - I’m not sure where.) The Armdroid 1000 was based off another almost identical (and bright orange) robot arm called the Armdroid 1 produced in the mid-1980s by the now-defunct Colne Robotics (themselves based out of Twickenham, England). D&M was bought out by LabVolt and the 1000 was painted white and re-branded as the LabVolt 5100. The 5100 has since been superseded by other robots and is no longer in production as far as I know.

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